Vdink pizarron infantil teach mobile whiteboard portable interactive whiteboard

1 it is easy to control the material display process. Teachers can control the presentation materials without going to the main console to operate
Play, which enables teachers to give full play to their body language in class, and also avoids the problem of teachers going back and forth between the blackboard and the
The problem of distracting students from the console. Teachers can operate skillfully on the whiteboard, which makes teachers leave computer operation
Taiwan, can face students and stand in front of the whiteboard again, this change makes teachers go back to the student collective from being far away from the collective. We
We know that whenever a teacher demonstrates a courseware on the computer console, it is easy to one-to-one due to the teacher’s walking on the platform and the time delay
Some students whose attention is not easy to concentrate cause redundant information transmission and destroy their attention and understanding of knowledge content. In particular, this should:
Avoid appearing in classroom teaching. As students pay more attention to whiteboards, they strengthen the learning process of collective participation
The teacher has also become a member of the whole learning group, and is no longer a software or equipment operator hiding behind the equipment away from the students. Learn
Unconsciously, students have achieved more emotional communication with teachers and students, and their interest in learning has also improved.
Second, the use of interactive whiteboard technology can introduce a variety of types of digital information resources in a timely, convenient and flexible manner, and can support multiple
Media materials are flexibly edited, organized, displayed and controlled, which makes the display of digital resources more flexible and solves the problem of
In the environment of multimedia projection system, the structure of teaching materials using courseware and slide lecture is highly solidified.
2 the content of blackboard writing can be stored. Any text, graphic or inserted picture written on the whiteboard
It can be saved to a hard disk or a mobile storage device for use in the next class, the next academic year or in other classes, or shared with other teachers
3 It can also be distributed to students in electronic format or printed form in the form of printed matter for review after class or as review materials. hand over
The interactive whiteboard can record all the details of the teacher’s teaching and student’s learning process on the whiteboard. Whiteboard software provides a
A small program that can read the special file format of the whiteboard without the whiteboard environment. This function allows students to review classroom teaching at any time
Every link in the learning process. The copying process of notes has also changed, because all classroom teaching and learning on the whiteboard
The process can be recorded in the most common format, such as PPT and HTML format. At this time, the time to take notes is available
To participate more in collective learning or exchange feedback.