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Vdink whiteboard digital interactive board flat panel for meeting display

Features of  VDINK  interactive whiteboard:

  1. Interactive board flat panel adopts environmental protection technology, which has better stability and is suitable for working in harsh environments
  2. Using professional-grade industrial LCD screen, interactive board flat panel video images are clearer, more natural, delicate, and visual impact is stronger
  3. Interactive board flat panel looks stylish and generous, uses ultra-light design, easy to use, beautiful, and optional hardware or plastic housing
  4. With automatic adjustment function to enhance the image hierarchy of interactive board flat panel
  5. Interactive board flat panel has the function of automatically eliminating residual image to protect the long-term use of the LCD screen
  6. high resolution, high contrast, high brightness, greatly improve the sense of layering of the picture, can better express the details
  7. Ultra-long life, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, up to more than 50,000 hours.