Vdink smart board price touchscreen 6 in one interactive boards digital whiteboard

1.Flat-panel display products with functions such as remote collaboration and video conferencing have not only played an important role in coordinating the fight against the epidemic throughout the country during the critical period of the fight against the new crown epidemic, but also provided assistance for the resumption of work and production of many enterprises in the post-epidemic period.”—— Opportunities for growth in this industry.
2.Considering the current stage of development, the commercial market will continue to grow at a high speed, and the frequent entry of corporate brand competition will also push up the overall market size. However, squeezed by competing products such as office projectors in the conference market, the marketing strategy of the interactive tablet in the conference market will continue to face challenges.
3.The product experience, after-sales service, and brand labels of enterprise users will all affect purchasing choices, thereby affecting market sales. Judging from the current rhythm of return on investment, it still takes a long time to ripen and digest.