Vdink interactif clever interactive flat panel display device for kids learning

1. Customary translation. In front of the electronic whiteboard, the teacher uses the interactive electronic induction pen
Teaching on the sub white board is as convenient as operating on the blackboard, and you can read freely
Write, draw and mark. For many teachers, making interactive whiteboard a blackboard
At the same time, whiteboard software is simple and convenient to use,
The operation method and interface are basically the same as those of word, which meet the requirements of Teachers
The habit of summation application can be more proficient after simple training and a few days of practice
And the like. It realizes the traditional classroom of blackboard and chalk and the end of modern information technology
Integration of beauty.
2. Be close to teachers and students. In the past, in order to click the mouse when using multiple courseware in class, teachers generally did not go down to talk
Taiwan, the classroom is almost completely preset, and the whole teaching is centered on courseware. Although such a classroom
The reason is very clear, but without the interaction between teachers and students, students’ innovation, and generated curriculum resources, it seems very rigid
When using slides, many slides flash by, leaving a deep impression on the students’ minds, and the teaching effect is also
It can be imagined. The use of interactive whiteboards allows teachers to go from the background to the front, to the middle of students, and change
Become a member of the whole learning group. At the same time, in the process of explanation, students can do it themselves, on the whiteboard
Writing, drawing, completing interesting exercises, etc. This can improve students’ attention and enhance their interest in learning
Interesting and active classroom atmosphere. After the interactive whiteboard teaching is adopted, students’ attention in class is greatly increased and their interest in learning is enhanced
Interest and enthusiasm were also fully mobilized, and academic achievements were significantly improved.
3. It is dedicated to teaching. The function of interactive whiteboard directly meets the needs of teachers in class. Such as blackboard writing
Erase, hand animation lines, straight lines, dashed lines, arrow lines and other styles of blackboard pens. You can also choose different
The color and curtain function can block the white board, so that the exercises can be displayed one by one. The move function can make the
Move up and down to solve the difficulty of being out of reach from high places. The magnifying glass function can zoom in locally to attract students’ attention,
Help students grasp the key points of learning. The playback function is convenient to display the dynamics and details of teaching materials and summarize them in time
Gu just now’s teaching process, improve students’ interest, stimulate students’ participation and interaction. The software’s automatic saving function will teach
The resources, handwriting and new presentation documents inserted during the course make the teaching process a kind of lesson preparation