Vdink clever touch interactive whiteboard touch screen panel tableau blanc

1.Vocational education emphasizes application, and higher education emphasizes integration and innovation. Both higher education and vocational education require individualized support in different teaching scenarios. Therefore, seewo has built a fully-connected intelligent teaching space, focusing on five scenarios of normalized teaching, to create an intelligently-connected teaching environment with precise management for schools.
2.Looking at the entire education smart product market, under the pressure of the “double reduction” policy, the education market pays more attention to the overall solution of smart classrooms other than hardware products, and the industry needs to jointly promote the development of “soft + hardware + platform-based” product and service upgrades.
3.In terms of supporting development of hardware and software, more attention should be paid to the development of basic education courseware, quality education courseware development, teacher training, and teacher customized courseware development. Enterprise products need to build a closed loop of linkage between home-school-students as the ultimate goal, and interactive teaching software as a whole, so as to realize the real intelligent transformation of education.