Vdink digital 6 in one interactive whiteboard infrared touch panel pizarra

1.Want to get rid of traditional printed promotional materials? The production and printing cycle is often calculated in months, the focus of publicity needs to be changed, and the design and printing process has to be done all over again. Looking to replace a “less intelligent” messaging system? The content distribution relies on manual labor, which is inefficient and prone to errors. The system management is cumbersome and cannot be operated remotely.
2.Aiming at these “trouble” of traditional publicity materials and letter distribution system, VDINK commercial smart giant screen has built-in powerful and content-rich online advertisement editing and publishing platform. Simplify content production, editing, push and other operations, and easily break through the core difficulties of publicity and distribution.
3.Not only that, you only need to remotely control the terminal through a mobile phone or PC, and the content can be changed immediately, which is efficient and time-saving. The dynamic refresh can be mastered at one hand, and the list content can be seen at a glance, which greatly reduces the time and money cost.