Vdink mobile whiteboard pizarra lcd displays digital whiteboard interactive

1.VDINK interactive smart tablet is an information-based teaching product that highly integrates blackboard writing and intelligent interactive classroom experience. It can not only achieve a natural blackboard writing experience, but also supports interactive teaching software and user-friendly touch operation, which is convenient for teachers to call multimedia teaching materials. resource.
2.The podium is the hub of the classroom, and the smart podium is the brain of the digital classroom. The intelligent podium integrates the interactive intelligent tablet, recording and broadcasting system, sound reinforcement terminal and other systems and equipment in the classroom through the Internet of Things protocol, realizes the intelligent application and intensive management of each system and equipment, and improves the application efficiency of the digital classroom.
3.Relying on the comprehensive strength of software and hardware in the education scene, VDINK specially creates the intelligent connection space for different scenes for higher education and vocational education. Higher education, vocational education and basic education will be different in terms of talent training goals, education and teaching methods and strategies.