Vdink interactive smart whiteboard flat panel touch screen monitors pizarra

1.Vdink classic conference panel integrates the functions of projector, electronic whiteboard, advertising machine, computer, TV audio and so on, which makes the conference room environment more concise and comfortable. At the same time, it also has functions such as wireless screen projection, whiteboard writing, annotation marking, scanning code sharing, split-screen display, and remote video conferencing.
2.VDINK interactive smart tablet is an intelligent teaching device that integrates multiple functions such as large-size high-definition display, interactive touch writing, audio sound reinforcement, network transmission, computing storage, and IoT management. It is one of the main carriers of new education infrastructure.
3.VDINK interactive smart tablet has continued to invest in visual health, IoT management, interaction design, etc. It has the function of IoT connection and can be interconnected with other information terminals in the classroom to build a smart classroom environment.