Vdink interactive board glass white touchscreen monitor board flat panel touch screenens

1.In the post-epidemic era, corporate meeting scenarios are diversified, and the needs of local meetings and remote video conferences will coexist for a long time. Remote video conferences can no longer rely on face-to-face “chat-style” video to achieve efficient collaboration, but also require public large-screen terminals such as smart conference tablets
2.Vdink Commercial adheres to the conference concept of “simplify the complexity and make it easy to participate in the meeting”. The smart conference tablet launched by Vdink is an industry-leading conference tablet. It integrates remote video conference, intelligent whiteboard writing, high-definition screen projection, and multi-terminal interaction functions. The cumbersome constraints of traditional meetings.
3.The smart display adopts a new complete set of industrial design solutions, which are personally designed by an excellent design team to realize the first complete set of industrial design solutions in the industry including enterprise smart screens, carts, writing pens, and screen projectors. The unified appearance design language makes the whole set of products echo each other and make them more classy.