Vdink digital board cloud touch interactive flat panel display smart whiteboard for home office

1.The substantial growth of the commercial interactive tablet market is mainly due to the expansion of scene demand. The impact of the epidemic on the society is far-reaching. One of them is that remote collaborative office is becoming one of the mainstream working methods of enterprises in the future. As an efficient meeting communication tool, commercial interactive tablets have been used by market users in more than two years of in-depth experience. It is widely recognized and affects the user’s usage habits.
2.On the other hand, commercial interactive tablets continue to develop new applications in scenarios such as medical remote consultation, government prevention and control, live broadcast delivery, and distance education, and the user base continues to expand, further boosting the market size.
3.Under the background of rapid growth in both domestic and overseas markets, leading companies have begun to try to develop a dual-track approach. While developing solutions for various application scenarios in China, they also focus on the development potential of overseas markets.