Vdink screen touch monitor interactive panel software convert whiteboard into smart board

1.When communicating and discussing at a meeting, all office staff can annotate and write records in real time. When multiple people write on the same screen, they can also use different stroke colors to distinguish the content, and relevant key points can also be marked separately.
2.Rich voting functions are helpful for project creative voting, clear and fast decision on project execution plan. When there is an error in the content writing, you can also use various erasing methods such as point erasing, circle erasing, and clearing the screen to make content erasing more flexible.
3.Faced with the important task of fully implementing the new development concept and realizing the “dual carbon” goal, Vdink has the responsibility and the strength to accelerate the R&D and manufacturing of integrated and intelligent LED products, so that the LED display can truly realize the sustainable development of low carbon and environmental protection. Ensure user safety.