Vdink digital whiteboard screen touch monitor smart boards for schools

1.Vdink conference tablet replaces the traditional whiteboard erasing and writing, adopts the industry-leading full lamination process, 4K ultra-clear screen, integrates writing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing, meeting the needs of remote conferences in business environments.
2. Quick connection, one key to quickly enter the video conference, and easily realize multi-party collaboration and communication across distances. During the online meeting, the core personnel can annotate and circle the content of the meeting tablet, pinpoint the problem, realize efficient meeting discussion, and solve the crux of the problem.
3.Under the premise of using Vdink intelligent conference tablet for video conference, both parties in different places can share and interconnect cloud whiteboard. After sharing the connection, the A team members can sway their personal inspiration and ideas on the conference tablet, and the content they write will be presented on the B team’s conference tablet in real time.