Vdink smart board for teaching interactive panel interactive whiteboard display

1. Product features. Scan the code on your mobile phone to upload files in various formats such as pictures, PPT, word, pdf, etc., or you can directly input text to upload. The large screen will not mark the source of the file, and can be used in game interaction, file display, work sharing, data sharing and other links.
2. As long as the files uploaded using our products are not saved manually, they can be deleted after closing the window, which is safe and convenient. In meetings and training, brainstorming is inevitable. The traditional way is that everyone quarrels and speaks. Either they can’t hear clearly, or they can’t record quickly.
3. The sticky note function solves this problem. You can type and upload your own thoughts by scanning the code on your mobile phone, so that the form of signature will appear on the large-screen whiteboard. Let everyone speak freely without any worries.