Vdink information kiosk computer advertising player digital signage display

1. The viewers of advertising machine content with great development potential in the future are mostly young, middle-class, and highly educated groups. Because these groups have strong purchasing power and strong market influence, the future of advertising machines has great development potential.
2. The advertising machine is based on high technology. It must have certain technical support in the implementation of marketing. It must change the traditional concept to meet the needs of advertisers and customers. Only the compound talents who are skilled in video editing, image processing, etc. can have a competitive advantage in the future market.
3. The promotion on the advertising machine is one-to-one, rational, consumer-led, non-compulsive, step-by-step, and a low-cost and humanized promotion, avoiding the interference of strong sales by salesmen, and through Provide information to build long-term good relationships with consumers.