Vdink digital signage touch screens restaurant menu board payment kiosk

1. Advertising through advertising machines can replace leaflets, newspapers, and TV advertisements. On the one hand, it can reduce printing, postal, and expensive TV advertising costs. On the other hand, CF cards and SD cards can be rewritten multiple times to reduce the loss caused by multiple exchanges. .
2. The promotion on the advertising machine is one-to-one, rational, consumer-led, non-compulsive, step-by-step, and a low-cost and humanized promotion, avoiding the interference of strong sales by salesmen, and through Provide information to build long-term good relationships with consumers.
3. The advertising machine can store a large amount of information. The video conferencing system transmits information quality and accuracy far beyond other media, and can update information or adjust in time to meet market demand, so it can meet customer needs in a timely and effective manner.