Vdink digital signage conference room signage touch screen kiosk advertising

1. The station traffic touch query system can query the desired information through the interface, such as train number list, traffic information, refund guide, ticket check query and other functions, which not only reduces the pressure of traffic management, passengers only need to touch and click to query .
2. In the advertising machine in the museum, the past historical events, characters, objects, humanities, etc. can be reproduced as if they were yesterday.
3. The hospital uses the touch query system to display the flow chart of the processing procedures for medicines, surgery fees, patient admissions, and inquiries, the azimuth distribution map of each department in the hospital, the brief introduction of the hospital and doctors in each department, and the list of doctors in each department on the day. , introduction of special experts to the hospital for consultation, introduction of new service items in the hospital, etc.