Vdink newline interactive whiteboard flat panel supplier smart board for business

Operation introduction of Vdink newline interactive whiteboard:
Press the switch button of the interactive whiteboard, the blue is always on, indicating that the interactive whiteboard is working. There are six icons in the interactive whiteboard sidebar from top to bottom:
The first one is the return button, click the return button to return to the previous program on the smart board;
The second main interface, click on any interface to return to the smart board main page;
The third is the multitasking channel, you can view other pages/programs that are running in the background of the smart board;
The fourth is the signal source channel, which can call the smart board to display different signal sources;
The fifth is the annotation function, click to make content annotations;
The sixth is the toolbar, which can call rich gadgets such as timers, notes, and cameras, and can also adjust the volume and brightness of the whole machine.